Originally released in our own shop, we are very excited to announce that we are moving our Olliblocks over here to Caravan! Find them listed here!

In September, 2012, Mike and I worked together to create these sets of mix-and-matchable boys, girls, and animals. I did most of the illustration work, and Mike provided critical feedback and direction to make these characters the very best they could be!

This product, like everything here at Caravan, is a digital download. Simply download the PDF, print, adhere the paper to wooden blocks, and start mixing and matching. But don’t take our word for it. The moment we assembled our first set and gave it to our 3-year-old son, he immediately started playing with it and proclaimed, “I LOVE THIS!” For a boy of few words, it was the greatest review we could hope to receive. Download a set (or all three) and enjoy!

Simply purchase a PDF ($5 each or $12 for all three sets), download, and print! The downloads come with all instructions needed for the project.

These make great gifts, especially when you’re making multiple sets!

As with all our downloads, what you do with this artwork is up to your imagination! Although I have set these up to be blocks, they also can be adhered to foam or wooden tiles, mounted onto magnets (or printed on magnet paper!), or anything else you can imagine!

Here are some links to products that I recommend:

Full sheet sticker paper

1.5″ blocks

2″ blocks

1.5″ wooden tiles

2″ wooden tiles

White foam (pieces may be adhered to white foam instead of wooden tiles or blocks and used like paper dolls)

Mod Podge (we recommend matte because glossy tends to remain tacky even after drying)

Acrylic Sealer (may help with Mod Podge tackiness, but not necessary if you are using matte)


Enjoy your crafting! Leave me a comment if you have any questions!

Designed by Alma Loveland

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  • So is it three blocks per set? Then I should buy 9 wooden blocks for the set of three? I love that you have the hyperlink to buy the wood blocks and other assembly products. Is there a way to make it so that when I press on the hyperlink to the other company that it opens a new window so I can stay on caravan shoppe? In order to figure out things like how many blocks to buy, etc…

  • Lyssa Zimmerman says:

    Looks like its 3 blocks per page…All the heads go on one block, all body goes on one block and all feet go on one block

  • Lauren McDermott says:

    I just tried to mod podge over matte sticker paper and it was a huge failure. The paper immediately wrinkled. I had my images printed at Kinkos. Maybe glossy sticker paper works better?

    • Caravan Shoppe says:

      Using Mod Podge over sticker paper can be a problems sometimes. If you must, only do a small layer. The best approach we have found is printing on a matte card stock and adhering it with the mod podge.

  • Jane says:

    I am planning to make sets of blocks for my daughter and her baby friends. As they are all under a year old, I expect that the blocks will be in their mouths, so the safety of the finish is extremely important. From my research online, it seems that mod podge is not a safe finish for this. I have read that shellac, however, is completely safe. Do you have any experience using shellac to finish the blocks? Also, I was wondering if I should use any kind of glue underneath the cardstock to make sure it adheres permanently to the blocks… I would appreciate any input on this.


    • admin says:

      Hi Jane!
      We have always just used Mod Podge. The Hard Coat Mod Podge is more permanent than the others but I see your concern. No, we haven’t ever used shellac but I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. We also sell completely finished blocks at attatoy.com that are kid friendly. I imagine you could use Mod Podge under the cardstock and the shellac over the top still. Depending on how shellac reacts to printed paper you could print the artwork on sticker paper to adhere it to the blocks.
      I hope that helps! Thanks for your question!

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