preview of nativity

Here at caravan, we believe that everything should be simple and easy to assemble. This beautiful nativity is for those who hate crafting, and also for those who do it in their sleep! Just follow these simple steps to create these beautiful pieces your kids can’t possible destroy! (More detailed instructions in packet upon purchase)

preview of nativity

You can buy the wood pieces at Home Depot or Lowes, and most of the time they will cut it for free, or for 0.15 a cut. You can fit about 2 nativity sets on each lumber piece (depending on which size you create)

The Rub-Onz by Grafix are inexpensive and available to purchase online here. They are easy to use, but we recomend doing a test run, and watching this how-to video on our  Rub-Onz support page. ) Our nativities use 1–2 pages of the rub-onz film. (which ranges about $1 a page)

nativity preview

One of the best things about this nativity, is the possibilities are endless. Paint it anyway you want, or don’t paint it at all. Or, just print out the nativity as paper dolls, color them, or mount them to flannel and use them in a lesson. Have fun teaching your kids all about the christmas story.

preview of nativity


Nativity designed by Melanie Burk

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  • How do you seal the rub onz once they are on the wood? I read on their website that you can use polyurethane but I was wondering if anyone had tried something less toxic- like oil or wax?

    • admin says:

      Great question Alicia! Rub-onz (according to their website) do not need to be sealed. On their site it says the following: “It is not necessary to seal the Rub-Onz since they use a permanent adhesive. However, you can coat with polyurethane to achieve a glossy finish.”

      I did not seal my nativity, and it has been hard and durable. If you do find something else you like, let us know! (also you can see their Frequently asked questions about Rub-onz here: http://www.grafixarts.com/home_article_pages/RubOnz_Frequently_Asked_Questions-3)

  • shirley says:

    LOVE THESE, am doing for this years Christmas

  • shirley says:

    ps, can I purchase the rub onz paper here in Australia ? ie. is it a standard type of paper I could buy say in a stationary store over here ? thanks

  • Holly Mateer says:

    Alicia – We just leave them the way they are. No seal.

    Shirley – Not sure, you’ll have to check. I know you can order them online though! (Amazon.com)

    • shirley higgins says:

      Hi thanks Alicia, can I print the images onto Rub onz with a normal canon printer ? Or do I have to have an ink jet or laser printer ? thanks

  • […] the pictures too. And for those of us who may be intimidated to tackle such a project, they offer tips for creating the nativity set pieces too. […]

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