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Melanie Burk, Alma Loveland, Mike Loveland

We are Caravan.

At Caravan, we want to give you all the perks of being a designer without all that stay-up-until-2am hard work. Our mission is simple. Everybody deserves beauty when they want it and at a price they can afford.


All our products are digital downloads. Pay once for your artwork and then print your downloaded piece of art as often as you like. Print a piece for your home and several more to give as gifts. Organize a craft night and print out copies for everyone coming! Just one little reminder, all Caravan artwork is for personal use only, and resale of the artwork in any form and for any reason (including craft fairs, fund raising, etc.) is prohibited. Have any questions? Drop us a line! 


All of our projects are easy to do, easy to assemble, and require no advanced crafting skills! And you can get creative. Make bike prints into a mobile. Magnetize monkeys for a road trip! Feel free to follow our instructions or come up with your own uses for our products. And read our blog for different ideas!


Melanie Burk is a graphic designer who is mildly hugely obsessed with type. She believes there are three rules to good design: “typography, typography, typography.”  Melanie is the founder of Fifth and Hazel, a company that produces websites, branding, catalogues, and surface design. With the belief that art impacts people, Melanie aspires to create good design that invokes change for the better. She loves the outdoors, surfing, March Madness, photography, opera, white hangers, hiking, traveling, Brazil, her husband, typography, foreign movies, her 2 daughters, alternative bands, Africa, and of course, design (not in this order). Oh, and did she mention typography? Typography.

Alma Loveland  is a graphic designer who is known for her clean, cheerful style. Alma works closely with her husband at their company Ollibird. Although she always considered herself creative, she finally found her artistic medium when she learned Adobe Illustrator. She now eats, drinks, breathes Illustrator and hardly even knows what to do with a pencil and sketch pad anymore. Alma enjoys life with her husband and two children, kayaking, good movies, and great food.

Mike Loveland is an artist and Photoshop pro. He runs Ollibird with Alma and acts as art director and creative mastermind. He is a walking art history encyclopedia and a film connoisseur, with a voracious appetite for knowledge. Mike works both with traditional media and Photoshop to create unique pieces infused with color, whimsy, and character.