Easter is hurrying right along, isn’t it? I’ve always had a hard time figuring out how to decorate my home for Easter, until the Draw Together Easter Set arrived. In it are some adorable little Easter eggs all ready to be made into a garland. Easy decorating for the win!


Making this garland is simple! Print off a few pages of the eggs. Then pull out the markers, crayons, or water colors and let your artistic side shine. If you have kids, get them involved with this. They will love it!


Once all your eggs are colored, cut them out. One of my favorite things about these eggs are that they are drawn with a think black border, making the cutting process super easy and fast. You won’t have to be super precise in the cutting process. Love that!


If you plan on hanging your garland against a wall like I did, pull out some twine or string and tape your eggs to it. If you want to hang yours in an archway or somewhere where both sides of the garland will show, grab a glue stick. Glue two eggs with the wrong sides together with the twine sandwiched between them. Let the glue dry.


You are done and ready to hang your Easter Egg Garland! I hope this helps get your home ready for this fast approaching holiday.

Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays


Included in our Draw Together Easter Set are these fun placemats to help keep some order at your egg dying festivities. Included are a “Dying” “Drying” and an egg pattern, perfect to color for those kiddos who are to little to dip their own eggs!



The excess dyes make a fun pattern on the placemats and protect your table from the dyes!


Look for egg holders coming later this week in our shop, because we can’t promise the placemats will prevent your eggs from rolling around (they’re just paper after all!)

Any egg post would not be complete without our favorite ways to dye your eggs. We are dying (get it??) to try the marbled eggs, who doesn’t have lots of extra nail polish lying around? The stamped eggs would be perfect as clues for the egg hunt, or as name cards for your Easter brunch. Break out your watercolors to get a unique look (it might be too messy for kids!) Lastly, the yarn wrapped eggs might take more time, but they can be saved until next year and will add such a fun texture to your table.


Check out our Spring Pinterest board for these ideas and more!





We compiled some of our favorite kids toys to surprise your little ones on Easter morning. We love the idea of filling their baskets with toys that promote creativity, rather than candy (that way you can save the Cadbury eggs for your drawer!)


1. Mixmates | 2. Glow in the dark Ping Pong | 3. Sea Life Squirt Guns

4. Cupcake Lip Gloss | 5. Finger Tentacles | 6. Kids’ Harmonica | 7. Retro Bowling Set

8. Glow in the dark Stars | 9. Rock Bouncy Balls | 10. Girls Socks

Our mixmates pair perfectly, and even fit inside of the adorable Target eggs for the Easter hunt. Just make sure you remember where you hid all of them so the kids are not missing a block of legs! The mixmates come in sets of: Careers, Boys & Girls, Monsters & Superheros, and Animals. Each set teaches problem-solving and fine motor skills to your little ones.





If you haven’t heard of Twig Creative, drop whatever you are doing (especially if it’s something boring like doing your taxes) and go check them out! They make these adorable wooden toy cameras for kids, or for you, because honestly they would look amazing on a bookshelf. We love these toys because they foster creativity in your children, and let them explore the world, without adding 3928 photos to your iPhone! All the parts move, and the newest camera even has a filter in the lens,  like real world Instagram!



Plus, they just added these stylish chairs to their collection. How cute would these be in a play room? They may just help your children sit still – or at least in one place.

To release their new products, Twig held an event and we were so honored to be invited to host a craft station for the kids. Wonderful Mike Loveland illustrated this adorable foldable camera, and we helped the kids color, fold, and glue them.


Watch for this product coming soon to our shop!