DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

One of my favorite games in the Caravan Shoppe is the Match That Monkey game! I love matching games and the monkey faces are too cute. I’m going to show you how to make and easy drawstring bag to hold your monkey game. This will work for both sizes of the game

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

For the supplies, you will need 7″ by 16″ of a fun fabric, basic sewing supplies, ribbon or cording, and your Match That Monkey game.

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

Start with your 7″ by 16″ piece of fabric. Fold it in half, with right sides together, and sew the sides, using a 1/2″ seam allowance, but stop 1 inch from the top.

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

Finish your seams by either trimming them with pinking shears or a zig zag stitch next to your straight stitch within the seam allowance. This will prevent your fabric from fraying.

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

Fold the one inch tabs now sticking out in 1/4″ and press well. Fold in another 1/4″ and press again. Repat on all four sides.

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

Keeping the tabs folded, now fold the top down 1/4″ and press well. The fold again 1/2″ and again press well. Repeat to the other side.

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

Sew close to the fold all the way around the bag. You’ve now created two casings. You’re almost done!

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

Lay the bottom of your bottom of your bag flat, pulling out a corner. Draw a line about one inch from the point.

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

Sew along the line and trim off the corner with pinking shears or just leave the corner on.

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

Cut two pieces of ribbon or cord about 12″ long. I used suede cording for my bag. Use a safety pin to feed one piece of the cord through each casing,

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

Tie a not at both ends and you’re done! Throw your Match That Monkey game in your bag for a quick, easy solution to occupy antsy kids or keep it on you coffee table to play with guests!

DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Krista

 Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays


Being a part of the Midsummer Night Mingle was an absolute dream. Our Cricut craft for the night was creating constellation candles! These pretties are so easy to make and just magical to watch as the wax gets lower and lower.

constellation candle


1 Saint Candle. (We found ours at the Dollar Tree).

1 8.5×11″ sheet of printed sticker paper.

Cricut Explore


1) Print the background star pattern on sticker paper. Download your printing pattern here.

2) Place your printed sticker paper on the Cricut mat. Cut the constellations out of the sticker paper. Download your cutting template here. When importing the .svg file drag the file until it is 7″ wide. *Tip: use the “vinyl” setting on the cricket for cutting. It will cut through the first layer of sticker leaving the second layer in one piece!

3) Make sure to take the barcode sticker off of your candle. Peal the sticker paper and adhere to your candle. Lay your candle horizontal on the table and roll it onto the sticker piece by piece.

4) Light the candle and watch as the constellations appear brighter and brighter as the wax melts!

Check out our Midsummer Minglers doing the craft.

Midsummer night craft

We loved sharing these 5×7″ prints with everyone that came into our booth. You can find the prints here and print them small or large!


 This post and party was sponsored by Cricut.


When we saw this beach bag tutorial on the House that Lars Built we knew we had to whip one up out of the fabric we have on Spoonflower!

Beach Bag! Tutorial by the House that Lars Built, fabric by Alma Loveland for Caravan Shoppe | Find fabric here: http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/caravanshoppe

With just one modification (adding a lining to the bag) we followed the instructions and found that THIS BAG IS SO EASY. Seriously, if it’s not easy we don’t do it.

We used the Tanning Ladies fabric but you can find the rest of our other fabric here.

*And because you’re dying to know, according to Alma, “Crazy Rich Asians” as a good beach read!



lemonade stand by Caravan

It’s summer! And with temperatures on the rise, entrepreneurial children everywhere are taking to the streets with cold, fresh lemonade! Here at Caravan, we wanted to create lemonade stand printables that are easy, fun, and make your product so enticing that your neighbors just can’t say no. Let us introduce you to the Ultimate Lemonade Stand!

lemonade stand

The Ultimate Lemonade Stand dresses up what you already have! We are not handy builders over here at Caravan. Seriously, guys. A trip to the hardware store was already a little out of our comfort zone, but we were able to build our display very affordably, using mostly things we already had:

What we had:

  • table

What we bought:

  • two 2×2 wooden beams, cut to 6-feet tall by the hardware store
  • one sheet of chipboard, cut a little wider than our table, by the hardware store

After decorating the chipboard with the pattern poster and our garlands (see below), we nailed it to the two wooden beams. We then fit it on either side of our table and tied it to the legs. Phew! That’s it! The rest of our stand again just used things we had on hand, like fake plants, fresh fruit, and glass/plastic pitchers. We simply set our “summer fun fund” up on a stool beside our table.

Then it was just a matter of using the Ultimate Lemonade Stand assets to kick everything up a notch! For your stand, just do the same. Use what you have, and get creative with the printables that we provide. Of course we’d love to see what you come up with, so if you put together a lemonade stand using our printables, share a picture on our Facebook page, or on instagram with the hashtag #caravanshoppe!


Included in this pack are two black and white posters that can be printed HUGE (up to 36 x 48 inches) for about $7 each at Staples or any print shop that does engineering prints or blueprints. (We’ve tried several other chains and seem to have the most consistent good results at Staples.)

Fresh Lemonade: We used this poster as the main sign for our stand. We printed it at 36 x 48 inches, and then colored the poster with crayons (psst! behind the scenes here!). When we put the sign in front of our table, we realized that it was a little too tall. No problem! The poster is very forgiving. We cut a little off the top and bottom to fit it to our table. Had we been more prepared, we could have measured our table before having the sign printed at Staples, and requested the sign be printed at the correct size to begin with. Don’t worry. We remind you about that in the printing instructions! This sign looked fantastic mounted to foam core. It would also work mounted to anything you have on hand like plywood or cardboard!

Pattern Poster: This pattern poster also can print up to 36 x 48 inches. We printed one sheet of it, and used it to wrap the topper of our stand! Look at your own lemonade stand setup and think about how you could use this poster! It could be used as a table cloth or you could even cut it up and use it to decorate packaging of any other add-on items you’re selling at your stand (like baked goods).

lemonade stand posters


This kit comes with illustrated lemonade menu signs, including regular lemonade, watermelon lemonade, raspberry lemonade, and mint lemonade. Print the ones that apply to what you plan on offering. Don’t know how to make watermelon lemonade? No problem: we’ve included recipes for everything! But we’re not going to judge you if you use a raspberry lemonade mix, either. Let’s admit it, that’s what we did! In addition to these menu signs, we have decorative straw flags to dress up your straws! We recommend printing on sticker paper (full sheet label paper)!

signs and straw flags


We have also included a sign where kids can write in what they are raising money for. Are they saving for a new bike? A trip to Disneyland? To help a friend in need? Help your neighbors feel good about supporting your children’s stand by letting them know why this money is important!

Summer Fun Fund


Increase your stand’s visibility by adding an eye-catching lemonade garland! All the lemon-letters for LEMONADE are included in this pack. We printed them on 8.5 x 11 card stock paper, cut out each letter, and strung them up! HINT: It’s best to measure your space first so that your garland isn’t too wide for your stand! We also created a separate tissue paper tassel garland to dress this up!

LEMONADE garland


Finally, let people know where to find the stand! Whether one child is assigned to be the sign waver, or you have it staked to the ground or a telephone pole at a nearby intersection, let people know where you are! We’ve included black and white signs that can be colored or left as-is, or full-color signs that are ready to print and cut (see top of the post)! We also would recommend mounting these to foam core or cardboard for stability!

"Lemonade" sign

So now you have everything you need to run a super-successful lemonade stand! Treat your printables well, and they’ll last you all summer! Alma and Mike’s niece tested the Ultimate Lemonade Stand out before it was available in the shop (family perks, yo), and was thrilled to have made $18 in just an hour and a half. Waitaminute, isn’t that more than Caravan pays its interns?? Shhhh!