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Alleluia! A DIY Nativity Puzzle

$ 12.00

Alleluia! is the missing piece to your holiday festivities. The Christmas season is full of noise and hurry, but Alleluia! is the perfect excuse for a quiet moment of play. As you and your children piece the picture of the nativity together, take the time to tell them the story of a little baby that slept in a little manger so long ago.

An easy to assemble DIY puzzle, each tile has two sides and enough color to make a chorus of angels sing with happiness. Alleluia! can be printed and mounted on wooden tiles, foam, sturdy cardboard or any paper you happen to have on hand. Buy the simple set with the intimate nativity scene or extended set which includes the wise men and shepherds.

If that isn’t just beautiful enough, remember that you only have to buy Alleluia once, but you can print it out as many times as you like. It is the perfect neighbor gift or sweet something to leave in a stocking.


3 inch tile artwork

2 inch tile artwork

Printing & assembly instructions


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