Caravan Shoppe


Have a question? Not sure How all of this works? We are here to help you! We've compiled a list of our most asked questions and we have them for you below:


We want you to be able to get the best design, art, and toys for your family and home at an affordable price, and in a way that you can make it your own. The answer for us (as mothers and designers) was digital downloads- and that is how our company was born! Here you can find high quality design and beautiful artwork (we have years and year of experience in our fields) at a low price so that anyone can afford it in their home. You don't have to go looking, you don't have to leave your home, it is emailed right to you. We have given you all of our printing tips and assembly tips- so that you have the ability to make and create something beautiful for your family and home. We know there is POWER in being involved in the creation process– not only is it fun, but it gives you the ability to customize it or make it in the size, style and fit for you! We want you to make it your own, and Have fun! That is why we do digital downloads- it gives us the chance to achieve all of our objectives–we give you creative power, high quality design, low prices, and the power to have beauty all around you! 


After your purchase from our site, within minutes you will receive and email with links files. All you have to do is click on the links, and the files will begin to download on your computer. These files include detailed instructions and helpful hints on print and assembly, as well as the actual files of the product. We hold you hand every step of the way, so you know how to print it out (either at home or at a store) and make the file become a reality! (again, having it as a digital download means you save a lot of money–because you don't have to pay for shipping, or our cost to "handle" your product!) We really think digital downloads are such a perfect way to save money and access beautiful design and products!


We recommend downloading your files right away when you get your email. That way you don't have to comb through your inbox to find it later. You will only have three times to download the file, so be sure to save your files to your computer! We recommend making a Caravan folder where you can keep all our fun downloads together. Buy it once, download it once, and print AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! That means you can print it out over and over to make gifts or use as a present for friends! Sweet!



In our instructions, we ALWAYS give you tips for printing and how to print it. Many of our downloads are made to print right at home! We have lots of black and white prints to make it cost effective and fun- but remember for higher quality, it is always great to print at a local print shop. (We recommend Staples, Office Depot, etc.) If the colors from your home printer are a little muddy, most local print shops will be able to print this out on their nicer printers for usually less than $1 per page. (on a 8.5 x 11) Be sure to request that they run it on the black and white printer for an even cheaper option. (Supply your own card stock to save money!)


We have so many questions on this one- that we have a whole page dedicated to it- with basic tips, videos and helpful hints! Click here!