Caravan Shoppe

About Us

Hey there! We are so glad you are here! We are Caravan, and we specialize in digital downloads for home, family, and fun. Pay once for your artwork, print your downloaded piece of art as often as you like, and create beauty for yourself, your home, your children, and loved ones!

We want to make great art and design accessible to YOU, so we keep your wallets in mind. The average price to download a piece of Caravan artwork is just $5. Printing costs stay between $0.50 and $6. Our printing tips and all-around know-how are plentiful and free.

How does it work? 

Everything is easy peasy. You do not need any technical knowledge beyond being able to download a file and put it on a jump drive. Yep, that’s it. Each file comes with detailed instructions on how to print and assemble products. 



The Caravan Team

Caravan is the best kind of small. We are composed of just two young families and one big idea. And we think that is just enough.

We believe that art can invoke change for the better. Everyone, no matter their age or income, deserves to be surrounded by beautiful and affordable pieces of art. Well designed environments inspire cheer and happiness. And we want everyone to be happy! Children should be taught and inspired by the games they play and adults need to be reminded that there is value in the colorful and playful. Caravan was created to remind each of us that that we deserve lives of bright inspiration and creative exploration.

The three founders of Caravan come from two successful businesses in art and design. We are industry experts with extensive experience in illustration, typography, design, Illustrator and Photoshop. And we are so pleased to meet you.

Melanie Burk

A graphic designer obsessed with type, Melanie is the founder of Fifth and Hazel, a company that produces websites, branding, catalogues, and surface design. As a mother to three little girls, she can see the world as it is as she would like it to be. By creating the beautiful and unexpected for Caravan she is helping to create the world she wants her daughters to grow up in, one well finished corner at a time.

Alma & Mike Loveland

Alma and Mike Loveland are an artist couple known for their clean, cheerful style. They work closely together at their company Ollibird, creating artwork for paper, textiles, and web. Each year they teach over a thousand students the ins and outs of graphic design so that they too can be empowered to create. Alma and Mike enjoy life with their two young children, and know that inspiration can often be found in family dinners and play time on the floor.