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Thanksgiving Conversation Starters


Good conversation can make or break a Thanksgiving feast. We have got you covered! 

You've got the option to purchase these separately or in one pack. (One pack consists of 180 notes - so you're covered for all types of gatherings!)

FAMILY, HEARTFELT, & TRADITIONS: Use this set with the whole family! Grandparents all the way down to little kids, these prompts will warm your heart.

KIDS & KIDS AT HEART: Silly, goofy and a little weird. These prompts will be sure to make you laugh.

A LITTLE SPICY, A LITTLE SILLY: Get deep with this set! We see these questions working best with close friends (friends-giving anyone??), and people who enjoy an open-ended question.

ALL CONVERSATION STARTERS: All three sets combined!

Each set also comes with some blank squares in addition to the 60 in each pack.

As always, purchase and download just once to print as many copies as you like.


  • PDF formatted to print on 8 1/2 x 11" paper
  • detailed printing instructions


    Almost immediately after purchase you will receive an email with a download link. If you do not see this email, check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, contact us and let us know!

    Because this is a digital product, no refunds are available. For personal use only.