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Olliblocks: Zoo Booster

$ 12.00


A great addition to the Olliblocks Starter Pack, the Olliblocks Zoo Booster is what you need to let your growing collection take a walk on the wild side. These 18 new animals (18!!), are bursting with so much personality and style that you might find it difficult to let the kids have a turn playing.

Olliblocks are the perfect toy for rainy days spent inside or moms on the go, go, go. Just the right size for little hands and big diaper bags, they are ready for all your mixing and matching needs.

These unique blocks make a beautiful gift and are a perfect craft to do with your kids or a group of friends. As always buy once and print as many times as you wish!

Simply download the PDF, print, cut out and adhere the pieces to wooden blocks to create a fun and functional toy, exciting for all ages!

Extra fantastic? You can be as creative as your little one as you find new and exciting ways to use the Olliblocks download. It is perfect for printing out and adhering to magnets, framing as a whimsical art piece or backing with cardboard to use as paper dolls for quiet time. The possibilities are endless and Olliblocks can’t wait to see what you think up.



2″ x 2″ artwork

1.5″ x 1.5″ artwork


Almost immediately after purchase you will receive an email with a download link. If you do not see this email, check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, contact us and let us know!

Because this is a digital product, no refunds are available. For personal use only.