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Introducing Caravan Coloring + Activity Books

We are THRILLED to introduce our new COLORING + ACTIVITY BOOKS! AVAILABLE NOW! Like many of you, we have kids who are home a LITTLE BIT EXTRA these days. We need something to entertain them, educate them, and bring a little CALM to our CHAOS. 

We took the well-loved idea of a coloring and activity book, and we MADE IT BETTER. Lots of activity books out there are stale, predictable, and utterly unengaging. So we PACKED our books with humor, interesting facts, and FUN activities that keep kids turning pages.

Our books include a variety of activities that SWITCH BRAINS ON. 

PUZZLES (like mazes, mystery connect-the-dots, word searches, etc.) improve problem-solving skills, boost memory, and build confidence.

COLORING reduces stress, increases mindfulness, and decreases anxiety. (Who doesn't need this right now??)

FACTS & JOKES reduce boredom, reduce stress (laughing, am I right??) and increase intelligence!

DRAWING releases positive brain chemicals like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin while also increasing intuition and developing creativity.

Kids LOVE 'em! 

While all of our books are targeted to ages 8-14, any of them can skew up or down. Our 5-year-old kids have enjoyed doing these books with us! If an activity is too advanced, we do it together! Our 8-14 year old kids CAN'T GET ENOUGH of these. AND truth be told, we created these books to entertain OURSELVES, and we've received a lot of positive feedback from adults who are enjoying the books just as much as their kids.

PETS from around the WORLD coloring + activity book

PETS from around the WORLD Coloring + Activity Book is a funny book for anyone who loves to laugh at funny videos of pets! Sugar gliders? They're the it-pet right now, and they are definitely in this book. Do you know what a capybara is? You might want to own one (or not!) after you learn about them here. 


Creatures of Myth & Magic Coloring + Activity Book

Finally, for kids who love DRAGONS, UNICORNS, KRAKENS, MERMAIDS & MORE, we have Creatures of Myth & Magic Coloring + Activity Book. It includes BEAUTIFUL coloring pages, funny facts, lots of activities, and for sure some stuff you have never seen before. My nieces helped us to test some of these activities, and I have heard that their excitement was almost uncontainable.


DINOSAURS Coloring + Activity Book

DINOSAURS! Coloring + Activity Book is the PERFECT book for dinosaur lovers. We included a wide variety of dinosaurs so that it's not just the same-old dinosaurs getting all the attention, and so that true dinosaur aficionados will be pleased. (We also get into what is NOT actually a dinosaur, you know, for the purists.)

 We are already working on our next books! If you love our books and want to see more, leave us a review on Amazon! The more reviews our books get, the more people will be able to find them on Amazon, and the more books we can make for you!