Caravan Shoppe

How it Works

Everything in our store is a digital product.

Because there is nothing worse than waiting days and days for something that you want right this minute, Caravan is happy to bring you the relief of a “get it this instant” purchase.

Upon purchase and confirmation of payment, you will receive an email containing a secure download link of your Caravan purchase. (This process is automatic and happens within a minute or so. If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder. If the download is not in the spam folder either, check back again in a few hours. As some servers are more efficient than others, the download may need to dance in cyberspace a little before it makes it to its new home. Don’t worry, this only happens once in the bluest of blue moons.)

You will receive a zipped file that contains a printable PDF of the artwork that you have purchased, as well as instructions to help answer any questions specific to the product that you have purchased. Can we make an itty, bitty suggestion? Read those oh so easy to understand instructions! At Caravan we have decades of printing experience and we are so anxious to share our expertise so that you get the best quality print possible. We never recommend doing it on your home printer because we have loathed every home printer that we’ve owned. But go ahead and try it if you really want to…we won’t tell anyone. For best results, we’ll always recommend a local printer or print shop that are always easily accessible and affordable.

Most of our files are set up to print on 8.5 x 11 paper for your convenience. For our international customers, most but not all of these files will also print well on A4 paper. However, we are not responsible for products that do not print properly on paper other than 8.5 x 11.

These digital products are for personal use only.

One of the delightful aspects of our digital download products is that you can make several copies of each item you purchase and download. Keep them for yourself! Give them as gifts! Get creative with all the possible uses for your brand new piece of art!

However, you may not under any circumstances sell or otherwise make profit from the images or printed products. Because that would just not be very nice. And we know you are very, very nice.

Happy printing!