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  • Caravan FUN Pack ***SOLD OUT***

Caravan FUN Pack ***SOLD OUT***

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We've been cleaning out the studio this summer and have found tons and tons of extra printed materials. We want these printouts to find better homes than the recycle bin, so we're sending them to you! 

Each pack is different, and each is a surprise. While there is no guarantee what will be in your pack, please keep the following in mind: 

1) All packages have a heavy focus on children's products. So if you don't love kids, these packages aren't for you.

2) While we can't tell you specifically what is in each pack, we can tell you that each pack will most likely contain: 

  • magnet Olliblocks (several sheets—share with your friends! give as gifts!)
  • several 2-inch printed Olliblocks characters
  • 5x7 prints (various)
  • a few greeting cards or thank you cards
  • various other crafts (mostly kid-related)

3) We are selling and shipping these to you at less than a break-even price. Please understand that it is entirely possible that you will get your package and think, "I don't even like monkeys. Why did they send me monkeys?" If you are a person who would be disappointed in a package that doesn't fit with a very specific vision of what that package should be, this package is not for you. On the other hand, if you are a risk-taker, an adventure-seeker, and a person who can creatively find a home for monkeys and other random printed material, THEN PUT THIS IN YOUR CART RIGHT THIS SECOND!

(Please note: Because we are using flat-rate shipping envelopes, this product ships to CONTINENTAL U.S. only.)