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Fun Fact Placemats: Thanksgiving

$ 6.00

Thanksgiving is a wonderful feast when family and friends gather around the table! And depending on your family and friends, conversation sometimes can be a little bit of a challenge. These fun-fact placemats are coming to the rescue! With 9 different placemat designs, guests will each learn several fun facts about Thanksgiving. Whether you're already good at talking or you need a little help, this will spark conversation and lead to a lot of fun. Did you know about the "Mother of Thanksgiving"? We didn't know about her before we made these placemats! Learn a little history while you enjoy your feast! 

We recommend printing the black and white placemats on regular copy weight paper at your local print shop. This should be pretty cheap (we'd guess about $0.15 each!). Then bring coloring supplies to the table and allow everyone to color their placemats. 

We recommend printing the color placemats on card stock at a local print shop and laminating them! That way, just wipe them off at the end of the meal and save them for next year. With 9 different designs, you'll get a lot of use out of these before your guests gets the same placemat twice!


  • 5 different color options
  • 8 different thanksgiving designs
  • formatted to print on 11 x 17 paper at your local copy shop


The black and white placemats could be BLOWN UP HUGE at a copy center like Staples! If you are not sure what to do, we have instructions here! Click through our photos to see this in action! 

For personal use only.