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Halloween Countdown Banner

$ 4.00

My kids wake up on October 1st and announce, "It's Halloween!" I hate to be the most disappointing mom ever, but then I have to explain to them that they still need to wait an ENTIRE MONTH. Why not make the countdown more exciting, fun, and understandable to these little people! 

This printable Halloween Countdown Banner features 31 double-sided pumpkins. On one side, the pumpkin shows numbers 1-31. (You can choose whether you're going to go in order of "days left until Halloween" or "today's date is...") The flip side of each pumpkin is a dark Jack-o'-lantern. When all the pumpkins have turned into Jack-o'-lanterns, the wait is over!!

This banner is easy to start any time during the month you like! Want to count down all 31 days? Do it. Want to count down 10 days only? DO IT! 

This can be assembled as a banner, or each pumpkin may be taped to the wall. Use your imagination!  For personal use only.