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Not a Creature was Stirring Advent Calendar

$ 7.00

It’s the time of year when everything speeds up just as you wish it would slow down. Make the most of each day with our “Not a Creature Was Stirring” Advent Calendar, a piece of holiday magic that would make even Mrs. Claus blush with happiness. Each calendar comes with 24 adorable, double-sided mice, one side wide eyed and bushy tailed and the other side asleep for the night. Write a holiday activity on each mouse – that snowball fight you mean to have every year, baking cookies for a neighbor or maybe just sipping hot chocolate and reading your favorite Christmas stories. Each day a new little mouse introduces your children to a new activity and each night they get to flip the mouse and slip him into bed.

After 24 days—and 24 get-out-and-capture-the-magic activities—the last mouse is tucked into bed. Once “not a creature is stirring” it will be time for Christmas.

As always, download once and print once for yourself, and as many times as you like to give to friends and family.


Choose the 8×10 if you want to print this on your home printer. Most home printers will be able to print the full 8×10 artwork.

Choose the 11×14 if you like the larger size (we do!). Read the printing instructions here to see what is required to print this.


24 unique mice (2 pages for the 8×10 version, 4 pages for the 11×14 version)

1 background

printing instructions

For personal use only.