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  • Spooky Halloween Decor

    We are excited to announce 3 new Halloween products today! We are pretty proud of ourselves over here for being on top of the holiday! Some of you may say “but it isn’t even October yet,” and before you finish saying that, it will be nearly December with how fast […]

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  • Space Week!

    It’s Space Week here at Caravan! This week is packed with old and new products on sale! First off we have the Smollspace + Minifolk Space sets! These sets are perfectly paired for out of this world fun! Next up is the Swap-It Rocket. The sky is the limit with these rockets! These are a […]
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  • NEW: Pirate and Merfolk Olliblocks

    This week we have launched Pirate Olliblocks and Merfolk Olliblocks, and I couldn’t be more excited! Initially I had planned on releasing this as a combined set (Pirates and Mermaids) but after lots of very helpful feedback from our community on Instagram, I realized that we’d be missing out if […]

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  • Birthday Week!

    We had so much fun collaborating with Aarean of The Color Issue to help style and shoot our newest product Draw Together Birthday Set. We are so excited to introduce this newest Draw Together (we accidentally posted sneak peaks a month in advance!) You can get that Pinterest perfect birthday party in half […]

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  • One of my favorite games in the Caravan Shoppe is the Match That Monkey game! I love matching games and the monkey faces are too cute. I’m going to show you how to make and easy drawstring bag to hold your monkey game. This will work for both sizes of […]

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  • Constellation Candles

    Being a part of the Midsummer Night Mingle was an absolute dream. Our Cricut craft for the night was creating constellation candles! These pretties are so easy to make and just magical to watch as the wax gets lower and lower. Supplies: 1 Saint Candle. (We found ours at the […]

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