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  • Glittered Turkey

    Pumpkins seem to always have the golden fun. Today let the Gobble Gobble Turkey have his moment to shine. 1. Print Gobble Gobble Turkey from the Chalk It Up Dinning Set. 2. Outline your turkey and his feathers with some good old fashioned white glue. 3. Give that glue a heavy […]

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  • Canvas Poster Frame

    Fall is in the air and Caravan’s Halloween Giant Wall Art is the perfect way to get your house in the festive mood. I have a nice tall wall with a stone facade around my fireplace. It’s a great spot for a giant poster, but its difficult to keep a […]

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  • One of my favorite games in the Caravan Shoppe is the Match That Monkey game! I love matching games and the monkey faces are too cute. I’m going to show you how to make and easy drawstring bag to hold your monkey game. This will work for both sizes of […]

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  • Heart Garland

    Valentine’s Day is this week! Here’s an easy, no-sew heart garland for you to decorate with that will help add a touch of love to your home. First, create a heart template on paper and cut it out. I wanted my garlands to have a variety of sizes, so I […]
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  • Valentines Goodie Craft

    Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly! Here’s a tutorial for a sweet little Valentine you can share with your loved ones using our I’ll Be Yours Printable. To make these Valentines, you’ll need a few pillow boxes which are easily found at craft stores, […]

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  • Storing Large Prints

    The holidays are over, and sadly it’s time to put my festive Caravan posters into storage. Save yourself time and money and don’t just throw out your prints and have to print them again next season! Here’s a few tips for keeping your prints safe until you’re ready to hang […]

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