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  • Click Click Cameras

    We are SO excited about this new series of Camera related products! We have been working very hard on these for a few months now, and we hope you love them too! We released three Camera products, a Poster Pack, Individual Prints, and Toy Cameras. You can find something for everyone! […]

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  • Engineering Posters

    I have a confession. When I was asked to be a contributor to Caravan’s blog I almost turned it down for one silly reason: I was terrified to print the large posters. I quickly learned that my fear had no merit. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get […]

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  • DIY Temporary Tattoos

    It is so easy to turn Caravan Shoppe designs into temporary tattoos for you and your little ones to enjoy! There is a variety of temporary tattoo paper available – we chose this one and it worked well with a home printer. After purchasing and downloading the monster “Say Roar!” kit, […]

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  • Birthday Party Hats!

    Are you loving the Draw-Together Birthday Set as much as I am? It’s packed with so many great things including these adorable party hats! They even come in black and white and color! These hats are so versatile and will fit any birthday party you are throwing. The party hats […]

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  • Creepy Cardboard Cutout Assembly

    We wanted to do a How To for making your Creepy Cardboard Cutouts. They are simple to make, and would be so fun to have on your porch while the kids are out trick-or-treating, or at any party, adults and kids alike will love it! Step 1: Purchase and download […]

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  • Spooky Halloween Decor

    We are excited to announce 3 new Halloween products today! We are pretty proud of ourselves over here for being on top of the holiday! Some of you may say “but it isn’t even October yet,” and before you finish saying that, it will be nearly December with how fast […]

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