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DIY Temporary Tattoos

It is so easy to turn Caravan Shoppe designs into temporary tattoos for you and your little ones to enjoy! There is a variety of temporary tattoo paper available – we chose this one and it worked well with a home printer. After purchasing and downloading the monster “Say Roar!” kit, we selected the full sheet sticker monsters, printed it according to the tattoo paper’s instructions, and then applied just like any temporary tattoo!

These would make an awesome non-candy Halloween treat that kids would simply “roar” over. I made them in combination with stickers, a bunting, and Halloween Olliblocks for Cloudy Day Craft Packs that were donated to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital where my daughter received a liver transplant.

Let us in on your tattoo fun by tagging your photos with #caravanshoppe. We can’t wait to see what you were able to create!


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    This is great, Thanks for sharing! Those DIY temporary tattoo designs look great. It will be enjoyable to have those cute look tattoos as thanksgiving temporary tattoos. Check out:

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