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Draw Together Bunny Heads

Bunny Heads

The Draw Together Easter Set has been making myself and my family all kinds of happy lately! From the table coverings to the egg garland, and the wall hangings to the bunny heads, my little loved ones are up to their ears in coloring. In the set are some blank bunny heads. They are great for many things! You can make a garland out of them or use them as some minimalist Easter decor. I decided to print out a few copies and let my son and nephews decorate them. The result: they loved it!

bunny heads

When it comes to doing crafts with kids, I’m all about being simple, and that’s exactly what this project was. After printing out the bunny heads, all I did was grab some markers and crayons, construction paper, and googly eyes. I laid everything out for the boys, and then went and told them that I had a surprise for them. They were so excited when they saw what I had laid out for them. I even got a fist pump!

bunny heads

These boys were on the young side, so I helped them cut out bunny noses and glue them on. Everything else, however, was all them! Don’t you love some of the googly eye placements? I think it would also be fun, if you have girls, to cut out some paper bows or make some out of pipe cleaners to glue to the ears. You could also use some pom poms for the noses.

bunny heads

I loved the way all their bunny heads turned out! They were all so happy as they worked! It’s so sweet to watch kids explore their creativity. Once they were done, we hung their bunny heads on the wall as decorations. This was so fun. We will have to make this an Easter tradition.

Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays

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