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Twig Creative Cameras

If you haven’t heard of Twig Creative, drop whatever you are doing (especially if it’s something boring like doing your taxes) and go check them out! They make these adorable wooden toy cameras for kids, or for you, because honestly they would look amazing on a bookshelf. We love these toys because they foster creativity in your children, and let them explore the world, without adding 3928 photos to your iPhone! All the parts move, and the newest camera even has a filter in the lens,  like real world Instagram!



Plus, they just added these stylish chairs to their collection. How cute would these be in a play room? They may just help your children sit still – or at least in one place.

To release their new products, Twig held an event and we were so honored to be invited to host a craft station for the kids. Wonderful Mike Loveland illustrated this adorable foldable camera, and we helped the kids color, fold, and glue them.


Watch for this product coming soon to our shop!







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