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If you’ve been following us over the past year, you may be familiar with our 365 Patterns challenge. At the beginning of the year, Melanie and Alma decided to challenge themselves to create one new pattern every day this year. To be completely honest, they both have kindof petered out at this point. It was a pretty lofty goal to begin with, but the volume of work they created while they were going strong is undeniably impressive!

Today we thought we’d share with you a cool example of how Alma has used a couple of her patterns. In her words:

The biggest thing that I have taken away from my 365 Patterns experience is just this whole LIBRARY of finished work that I can use for any situation! In fact, almost all of the decor in the Smollhouse Dollhouse came from elements of my patterns. And I felt that the Fairy Tale Olliblocks characters needed more depth, so I used at least 10 of my existing patterns in the characters’ clothing as well!

Earlier this year, I was approached by a company called Lightheaded Beds and invited to try out one of their beds and design my own artwork for it.

At first I thought maybe the beds were a little bit cheesy. The concept is this: The headboard of the bed has a translucent image that is lit from behind. At night time, the headboard of the bed acts as a giant night light. But as soon as I started actually thinking about it with my kids in mind, I realized that this is something that they would actually love. At the time they were both obsessed with the projection night lights we had bought them, and Oliver was (and still is!) afraid to sleep in the dark. So considering that, and the fact that I would be in control of whatever image goes on the headboard (it is very easy to upload and order any custom design), I decided that I’d like to give the bed a try!lightheaded beds

They have a variety of bed styles, and while most of their artwork doesn’t fit my style (I’ll pass on the puppies and characters), I was happy to find a simple white bed with nice, clean lines that did fit my style. The beds are all very nice quality (in the $500-$700 range, or $329 if you buy at Sam’s Club right now), but the TERRIBLE news is, when I got the bed into my home, I found out that there was no way I’d be able to make it fit with my existing furniture. (Wah! My rooms are too small!!)

But I have a lucky friend who just moved into a brand new house, who I figured would probably have some space to fill! She took the bed and we looked through my patterns to see which she would like to use for the headboard. In the end? The bed looks amazing, and the patterns printed perfectly. And I’m left with serious bed envy.

Lightheaded bed with girl

(I still used my own little Joan as my model. Let’s just not tell her how close she was to having this bed all to herself!)

lightheaded bed

lightheaded bed

What do you think? Would your kids enjoy a bed like this?

Lightheaded Beds would like to give away a bed to one of our readers! If you’d like to win a bed ($700 value!!), enter below!


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