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Displaying Your Calendars

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Have you purchased your 2014 calendar yet? It’s still January and not too late to get one up! There are six different calendars in the shop so you’re bound to find one that will look perfect in your home. If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to display it, I’ve got three ways for you right here.

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Use washi tape to hang up your calendar. Simply print and cut out your new calendar, find an open wall space, and tape to the wall. This method is great if you don’t want to put holes in the wall.

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Display your calendar on a clipboard. I found this great mini clipboard at Staples one day while I was waiting for my prints. By lucky happenstance, I discovered the calendar I had just printed fit perfectly on it! I started using this little clipboard last year for my 2013 calendar, and it’s remained my calendar holder for 2014.

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Use your pegboard for your calendar. I know many of you are crafters and may have a pegboard in your craft area. Use it for your calendar! After you print and cut out the calendar, use a hole punch to create a hole at the top of each month’s print. Now just stack them on top of each other and slip onto a hook on the pegboard. I love having a calendar close at hand as I’m working on a project with a deadline.

I hope this gives you a way to hang your calendar or helps inspire you to find a new way to display your 2014 Caravan calendars. Happy 2014!

Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays

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