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Gift Guide: Little ones

Caravan Shoppe is the perfect place to make quality toys for the little people in your life.

Our new Fairy Tale Olliblocks pair great with the classic fairy tale books! These 18 classic characters will help you bring old tales to life with your children (but we won’t blame you if you leave out some of the details… um, have you read the original fairy tales?).

Fairy Tale Olliblocks

And the Ollibots! These are a fantastic toy for both boys and girls. One set includes enough artwork for 6 different robots. Robots can be connected using velcro, magnets, or snaps, depending on which option suits your family best.


Who couldn’t resist the Minifolk… Easy to hold, play, and imagine–they are stylish, printable clothing for classic peg dolls so that you can quickly dress up a whole crowd of characters! Simply print the outfits, cut them out, and Mod Podge them to wooden peg dolls.


And what are Minifolk without their Smollhouse? On the shelf or on the floor, our Smollhouse Foldaway Dollhouse is the perfect fit for your space. It folds out big for playtime and folds up small when it is time to clean up. A rare mix of efficiency and whimsy, this house is sure to charm both parents and children.
Even more delightful? The Smollhouse Foldaway Dollhouse is one of our most easily-assembled products. You’ll be able to put it together with your eyes closed. Probably.


Best part? It’s still only December 9th. You still have time to make some fun toys before Christmas!


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