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#createwithcaravan A Design Challenge

If you followed @almaloveland or @melanieburk last year on Instagram you’d be familiar with their #365patterns challenge. This was a great opportunity to stretch their pattern skills as well as invite others to join along. As we believe in always pushing ourselves, we wanted to do something similar this year with the invitation for you to join!

Each week we will have a different word. The challenge is to create what comes to your mind when you read that word. It could be a pattern, a photo, an illustration… anything!

Design Challenge

We would love to have you participate! If you want to participate, please do the following:

1. Watch for the weekly word posted every monday on @caravanshoppe‘s instagram.

2. Share an image of whatever you feel represents the word for yourself. It doesn’t matter if your images look anything like ours… that’s kind of the point!

3. Post your image on Instagram and tag it #createwithcaravan (Feel free to blog about it).

4. Let your viewers know that this is a collaborative event that is open to everyone and to see the collection of images and for more details come here, the Caravan blog.

5. At the end of each week we, the Caravan Team, will choose our favorite image and send you a Caravan Cares package. (Don’t know what a Caravan Cares package is? Well you better win one to find out! Hint: it’s pretty awesome.)

*Obviously you will own full copyright to your images.

We are so excited about this amazing challenge, and can’t wait to see your take on our weekly word!

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