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The Ollibots

During the past year, we have been working to improve this favorite toy. We have made some small adjustments to make this toy sturdier than ever–and to make it last even longer! We are so excited to re-introduce to you the Ollibots! 


The Ollibots, are a special toy that will be sure to be tons of fun!


These Ollibots are meant to be played with, loved, and mixed and matched! They aren’t too hard to put together, and included in the PDF are 6 pages of detailed, step-by-step instructions and drawings. We have also listed supplies here with links, for your convenience to buying parts.


Supplies Needed:

Materials needed to make 6 Robots for the Ollibot Starter Pack:


• 1 bag of 10 Head Blocks (1.5” blocks) (We recommend ordering #SQ1500 from

• 6 Torso Blocks (2” blocks) (#SQ2000 from

• 1 bag of 25 Arms/Legs (3” wide x 1-1/4” tall x 1/4” thick) (#CO2725 from

• 1 bag of 10 Circle Discs (2” diameter & 1/4” thick) (#JC5925 from

• 2 bags of 10 Leg Blocks (1” blocks) (#SQ1000 from

• 1 bag of 25 feet (1-3/8” wide x 1” tall x 3/16” thick) (#JC7518 from


Other Supplies:

• Mod Podge (We recommend the Hard Coat purple Mod Podge)

• Scissors or xacto + mat

• Elmer’s Wood Glue



•34 Velcro Squares (Sticky Back 7/8” square) (You can find these at craft stores or online)


**Special note about Supplies: These Ollibots are designed to be made in sets of 6. Because they are made from several different parts, it is most economical to buy bags of each part, and make several robots. The good news is that they make great gifts and great toys! Buying in bulk online will help you save a lot of money!

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