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Constellation Candles

Being a part of the Midsummer Night Mingle was an absolute dream. Our Cricut craft for the night was creating constellation candles! These pretties are so easy to make and just magical to watch as the wax gets lower and lower.

constellation candle


1 Saint Candle. (We found ours at the Dollar Tree).

1 8.5×11″ sheet of printed sticker paper.

Cricut Explore


1) Print the background star pattern on sticker paper. Download your printing pattern here.

2) Place your printed sticker paper on the Cricut mat. Cut the constellations out of the sticker paper. Download your cutting template here. When importing the .svg file drag the file until it is 7″ wide. *Tip: use the “vinyl” setting on the cricket for cutting. It will cut through the first layer of sticker leaving the second layer in one piece!

3) Make sure to take the barcode sticker off of your candle. Peal the sticker paper and adhere to your candle. Lay your candle horizontal on the table and roll it onto the sticker piece by piece.

4) Light the candle and watch as the constellations appear brighter and brighter as the wax melts!

Check out our Midsummer Minglers doing the craft.

Midsummer night craft

We loved sharing these 5×7″ prints with everyone that came into our booth. You can find the prints here and print them small or large!


 This post and party was sponsored by Cricut.

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