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Easter Dying Placemats

Included in our Draw Together Easter Set are these fun placemats to help keep some order at your egg dying festivities. Included are a “Dying” “Drying” and an egg pattern, perfect to color for those kiddos who are to little to dip their own eggs!



The excess dyes make a fun pattern on the placemats and protect your table from the dyes!


Look for egg holders coming later this week in our shop, because we can’t promise the placemats will prevent your eggs from rolling around (they’re just paper after all!)

Any egg post would not be complete without our favorite ways to dye your eggs. We are dying (get it??) to try the marbled eggs, who doesn’t have lots of extra nail polish lying around? The stamped eggs would be perfect as clues for the egg hunt, or as name cards for your Easter brunch. Break out your watercolors to get a unique look (it might be too messy for kids!) Lastly, the yarn wrapped eggs might take more time, but they can be saved until next year and will add such a fun texture to your table.


Check out our Spring Pinterest board for these ideas and more!



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