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Gift Guide: Neighbors, Teachers, Co-workers…

Here at Caravan we’ve compiled just the list for you! Perfect presents for friends, co-workers, neighbors, teachers… we’ll leave it up to you.

Our very favorite gift to give is the Calendars. All of the calendars are able to print on just a few sheets making these gifts literally just a couple dollars each. Place a stack by your front door for when your neighbors circle the block with their goodie plates.

2014 Calendars from Caravan Shoppe

And don’t forget about the perpetual calendars… here’s a little secret. These ones never expire.

Perpetual Calendars from Caravan Shoppe

Another great gift to give this holiday season is the Silent Night Nativity. This DIY Nativity is so simple and durable yet, beautiful. Along with the Nativity Puzzle. Families in the neighborhood will love to assemble these together while being able to talk about the true meaning of christmas.

Silent Night Nativity + Alleluia Nativity Puzzle
Then there is the stationery! All of our stationery is free! Yep, free. Pay for printing and bam, you’ve got yourself a sweet stack to give as gifts.


Look at you, now you’re all prepared for when that last day of school creeps up on you, your co-worker is leaving for their holiday vacation or your friendly neighbors stop by with their neighbor gifts.

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