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Draw Together Christmas Set

This past month, our Draw Together Thanksgiving Set was a big hit, and now we’re excited to introduce the Draw Together Christmas Set! 

mistletoe frame

Draw Together Frame

One of our favorite things about this set is the printable mistletoe frame. Simply print the large frame, mount it to a hard backing like cardboard or poster board, cut out the middle, and attach the provided mistletoe at the top! Then use as a photo prop at your Christmas party or gathering. Want fun and kisses throughout the month? Suspend it from the ceiling with fishing line, a little bit away from the wall so there is room to slip behind the frame for a quick kiss!

mantle with girls hugging

Another favorite thing about this set? This printable fireplace and mantle! Finally homes with no chimney have a place to hang stockings and a way for Santa to get into the house (without risk of getting burned!). We have three different options for the fireplace and three different options for the mantle, so you can choose which of both you like best! Print each of these as a large 36 x 48 print, and tile them one on top of the other on the wall.


The pack also includes 7 (SEVEN!) posters that you can choose to hang all month long. These look great as-is, or could also be used as giant coloring pages for your little ones.

printable posters
draw together set

Of course, the Draw Together set also includes printable placemats as well as a giant printable table covering. This year for our Thanksgiving dinner, we used the giant table covering at one table and the placemats at another. Pick one or use both! draw together set

The set also includes 6 colorful napkin holders with an option that includes space to write in place names. (By the way, do you love the felt balls? We love them from Hello Maypole.)

draw together set

table cover with napkin holders

table cover

girl coloring

happy girl

mantle with stockingsIf you make this set part of your home this year, we’d love to see it! Snap a pic and share on instagram with the hashtag #caravanshoppe or upload a photo to our facebook page!

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