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Heart Garland


Valentine’s Day is this week! Here’s an easy, no-sew heart garland for you to decorate with that will help add a touch of love to your home.


First, create a heart template on paper and cut it out. I wanted my garlands to have a variety of sizes, so I created three different templates. Use as many or as few heart as you want. Trace the templates onto your choice of paper. I used kraft card stock. Cut out each heart.


Use a hole punch to create two holes on each heart. String your hearts on to yarn, string, twine, etc. I used some yellow yarn I have had in my yarn stash for years.


Space out the hearts on the yarn and you’re ready to hang. Here’s a small hanging tip for you: If you don’t like the idea of creating holes in your wall to hang a garland, use masking tape on the back of some of the hearts, especially the hearts that are at the ends and the top of the swoops. I’ve rarely used pins of nails to hang garlands.


Enjoy the extra touch of love this garland will be sure to bring to your home. This heart garland looks especially Valentiney paired with the It’s Better Tandem print and would also look perfect with one of the prints from the Whole Lotta Love Kit.

Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays

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