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Creepy Cardboard Cutout Assembly

Creepy Cardboard Cutouts from Caravan Shoppe

We wanted to do a How To for making your Creepy Cardboard Cutouts. They are simple to make, and would be so fun to have on your porch while the kids are out trick-or-treating, or at any party, adults and kids alike will love it!

Step 1: Purchase and download the artwork. Chose which board(s) you want to make and send those files to a printer!

*Tips for printing Large Format:
We recommend using Staples to print large black and white prints. Either email the files, or take them in on a flash drive, and specify what size you want them to printed. Make sure and ask for the artwork to be printed on their engineering printer; each print will be around $7. These boards will size anywhere up to 36″ by 48″, and we found that to be the perfect size for adults to hold, or to be set on the ground for kids to stand behind.

Step 2: Mounting the artwork

You can purchase foam core from Hobby Lobby and most craft stores for under $10. They come in sheets sized 36″ by 48″, so you do not have to trim them down if you print out the artwork at the biggest size like we did. We recommend using foam core because it is easy to cut out the face holes, and is durable. If you have large sheets of cardboard lying around, that would work too!

To mount the artwork to your board of choice, we suggest using a spray adhesive. If you are nervous about mounting, go for a repositionable spray mount, so you can move the artwork and smooth out bubbles even after you’ve laid the paper down. Follow the directions on the back of the can, and spray half the board. Lay down the artwork as straight as you can, and smooth out any bubbles. Spray the remaining half of the board and smooth the paper onto it.

Caravan Shoppe How to make your cardboard cutouts

Step 3: Cutting out the Hole

Use a sharp x acto knife and press down firmly to cut. Remember to place a cutting mat under the board so you don’t cut into your floors! We ended up cutting twice, one was shallow, and gave us the shape, while the second time we cut deeper to get through the board.

For the Mummy and Globe, chose one of the head shape PDFs provided in the download, or create your own based off your desired size. Tape the paper to the board using washi tape so it doesn’t damage the artwork. Cut around the oval and through the board.

Caravan Shoppe How to make your cardboard cutouts

Caravan Shoppe How to make your cardboard cutouts

For the Creepy Wall, cut out the black area, it’s okay if they aren’t straight lines, it goes with the hand drawn feel!

Caravan Shoppe How to make your cardboard cutouts

Step 4: Displaying the Boards

For an adult party, let your guests hold the boards themselves, and crop out their legs when you take the picture, or include their legs if they have a fun costume on! For kids, have an adult hold the board, or adhere it to a box or crosspiece so it will stand on its own. If you are feeling adventurous, hang the boards from the ceiling.

We cannot wait to see all your pictures in these creepy scenes! Let your guests go wild!

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