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How to print large engineering posters | Caravan Shoppe

I have a confession. When I was asked to be a contributor to Caravan’s blog I almost turned it down for one silly reason: I was terrified to print the large posters. I quickly learned that my fear had no merit. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get these large posters printed!

Let me tell you how easy it is. This past week, I went to Staples to get the Blast Off Poster printed for my rocket ship obsessed son. I planned on printing the poster and a few more things on normal card stock paper in color. I went to the store and quickly learned that the employee working the printing station had only been working for two weeks and it was her first time alone that evening. I told her what I needed and she had my poster printed within two minutes but I ended up having to go back because she couldn’t figure out how to print the colored copies. See? It’s even easier than getting regular color copies made!

If you’re putting off printing your posters because you have no idea what to do, I’m here to help! This is how you get them printed, step by step.

How to print large engineering posters | Caravan Shoppe

First things first. Go buy your prints from Caravan! Almost immediately after you purchase your prints, you will get an email that contains the files of the items you purchased. Click on the link and the files will download to your computer. I like having a folder on my computer that I can save all the things I’ve purchased online to so I don’t loose them.

How to print large engineering posters | Caravan Shoppe

Each item from Caravan comes with two things in it: the product and a set of instructions. The picture above is a screenshot of both items on my computer. Everything you need to know about printing one of the posters is in the instructions. They even include the sizes you can print your poster at.

How to print large engineering posters | Caravan Shoppe

Transfer the file of the poster and the instructions to a jump drive and head to your local printer. I like going to Staples. When you get to the printer, hand them your jump drive and tell them you have a file you’d like to get printed. They will bring up the files on their computer and all you need to tell them is you’d like the poster printed in black and white. These large posters are also called engineering prints. If they ask you specifically what size you want and you’re not sure, you can have them pull up the instructions on your jump drive.

The printer may also ask you if you have the right to print the file you are bringing in. The instructions contain a copyright release. Show them the instruction file and you will be good to go.

How to print large engineering posters | Caravan Shoppe

There are so many great things about printing these posters! As I said earlier, I just printed the Blast Off Poster. I had it printed at 36 x 48 inches and it only cost $7.79. Because it’s so budget friendly and I still have the file on my computer if anything happens to the poster, I love putting them in places where my two year old plays. It gives him the opportunity to learn to respect the things I hang on the wall without being panicked that he may rip the poster.

Also, My husband and I recently moved into a new home with lots of white walls and nothing to decorate them with. The Caravan posters have turned our boring house into a cozy home while we’re deciding what we permanently want to do. We have the It’s Better Tandem Print hanging in our bedroom, the Camera! print in the playroom, and I’ve been using the Pregnancy Countdown poster to countdown my current pregnancy. They’ve also helped me expand my sad collection of holiday decorations. I have a poster on hand for almost every holiday. You can definitely say I’m a fan of these posters!

Now that you know how easy these posters are to print, I hope you’ll get to the printer’s and finally get that poster you’ve been putting off printing printed.

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