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  • Glittered Turkey

    Pumpkins seem to always have the golden fun. Today let the Gobble Gobble Turkey have his moment to shine. 1. Print Gobble Gobble Turkey from the Chalk It Up Dinning Set. 2. Outline your turkey and his feathers with some good old fashioned white glue. 3. Give that glue a heavy […]

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  • Canvas Poster Frame

    Fall is in the air and Caravan’s Halloween Giant Wall Art is the perfect way to get your house in the festive mood. I have a nice tall wall with a stone facade around my fireplace. It’s a great spot for a giant poster, but its difficult to keep a […]

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  • We are so excited about this Mother’s Day craft using the Cricut Explore. We are big fans of the Cricut over here, it executes all of our ideas while we sit back and watch! This cake topper is sure to brighten any woman’s day and give her the extra boost […]

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  • Draw Together Bunny Heads

    The Draw Together Easter Set has been making myself and my family all kinds of happy lately! From the table coverings to the egg garland, and the wall hangings to the bunny heads, my little loved ones are up to their ears in coloring. In the set are some blank […]

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  • Lunch Box Love Notes

    Make their Valentine lunch a little sweeter with a love note. 1. Print the Darling Dachshund Note Cards on regular printer paper. 2. Cut out each cute little doggie. 3. Use some scrap card stock and cut out a 1.5 x 4 inch rectangle. Trim one end to a point. 4. […]

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  • Pin the Feather on the Turkey

    My favorite things in the Caravan shop are the chalkboard posters. They are all amazing. I love them as decor, photo booth backgrounds, and now I love one of them as a game! You can play Pin the Feather on the Turkey with your family using the turkey print from Chalk […]

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