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  • The Ollibots

    We are so excited to introduce our new toys into the shop–we are doing a happy dance over here! Our newest toy, the Ollibots, are a special new toy that will be sure to be tons of fun! These Ollibots are meant to be played with, loved, and mixed and […]
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  • Large Format Printing

    We offer some of our prints as “large format” prints. These prints are easy and inexpensive! 1) Purchase and download artwork. 2) Transfer files onto a jump drive. 3) Bring the jump drive into your local Staples (or call ahead to any other printer in your area to ask if […]

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  • Minifolk: How to Video

    Creating these Minifolk is fun and rewarding–these beautiful, unique characters look amazing when assembled. There are 28 characters in our starter set, and thats a whole big crowd of fun! So what do you need to get started? Look over this list of supplies, and watch the videos to get […]

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  • Where do we buy our wooden blocks and tiles? For the Olliblocks and Calendar blocks you have the option of using 2″ blocks or 1-1/2″ blocks. You can get these blocks at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores, but they don’t usually keep a large stock of them. We get […]

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