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Resource Links for Wooden Blocks and Tiles

Where do we buy our wooden blocks and tiles?

Olliblocks and Calendar blocks

For the Olliblocks and Calendar blocks you have the option of using 2″ blocks or 1-1/2″ blocks. You can get these blocks at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores, but they don’t usually keep a large stock of them. We get our blocks from

2″ blocks.

1-1/5″ blocks.

Wooden blocksThe Silent Night Nativity uses a few different sizes. We have found that going to your local hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s is the best way to get these specific cuts. They generally don’t charge for cuts, but if they do, they are usually between $0.15 – $0.25 per cut.

For the Alleluia Nativity we also like to get the tiles from The Nativity is compatible with 3″ or 2″ tiles.

3″ Tiles.

2″ Tiles.

Wooden Disks

The Match that monkey download is  perfect for the wooden circle tiles also found at Depending on what kind of circle cutter you have, you can buy the 2″ tiles or they even sell them in 2-3/8″.

2″ Circle Tile.

2-3/8″ Circle Tile.

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