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  • The Ollibots

    We are so excited to introduce our new toys into the shop–we are doing a happy dance over here! Our newest toy, the Ollibots, are a special new toy that will be sure to be tons of fun! These Ollibots are meant to be played with, loved, and mixed and […]
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  • I'll Be Yours Quick Valentine Gift!

    Love is in the air and Valentine's Day is coming up quickly! Here's a tutorial for a sweet little Valentine you can share with your loved ones using our I'll Be Yours Printable.
    To make these Valentines, you'll need a few pillow boxes which are easily found at craft stores, the I'll Be Yours print, and some festive candy. When you head to the printers, you will need to request to have multiple pages printed on one page. The I'll Be Yours print is sized to put on your wall, and you will need to get them printed smaller. (You can see in the picture above what the end result will look like.) You may get some funny looks, but tell them you know what you're doing. I had mine printed on sticker paper but you can still use regular paper if that's all that is available. 
    Once you have your print, cut out each cloud and attach to the pillow boxes. If you printed on sticker paper, you just peel and stick. If it's on regular paper, you can slip the little cloud inside each pillow box if the box is clear or you can attach it to the outside with a glue stick. 
    Fill your pillow boxes with candy and tie up with with some bakers twine. Now you are ready to show your love with some Valentines treats! And while you're at the printer's, you may as well treat yourself to a full-sized I'll Be Yours print for your lovely home. 
    Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays

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  • Glittered Turkey

    Pumpkins seem to always have the golden fun. Today let the Gobble Gobble Turkey have his moment to shine. 1. Print Gobble Gobble Turkey from the Chalk It Up Dinning Set. 2. Outline your turkey and his feathers with some good old fashioned white glue. 3. Give that glue a heavy […]

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  • Click Click Cameras

    We are SO excited about this new series of Camera related products! We have been working very hard on these for a few months now, and we hope you love them too! We released three Camera products, a Poster Pack, Individual Prints, and Toy Cameras. You can find something for everyone! […]

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  • Say hello to the Woodland Thanksgiving Set! This is a whimsical set of printables that includes large format printable posters for your walls as well as printable decorations for your table top. We thought it would be helpful to write this blog post to let you know exactly what comes in this set, […]
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  • Today we have launched the Grateful Praise Thanksgiving Set! This is a beautiful and elegant set of printables that includes large format printable posters for your walls as well as printable decorations for your table top. Because we may have overstuffed this set (fitting for Thanksgiving, right?) we thought it […]
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