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  • Alleluia! A DIY Nativity Puzzle

      Today I am excited to release my Alleluia! Nativity puzzle. Working on this project has been a true labor of love for me, as I have never undertaken such a detailed or meaningful project. This puzzle features 2 versions of the same scene so that each tile can help […]
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  • Olliblocks Digital Download

    Originally released in our own shop, we are very excited to announce that we are moving our Olliblocks over here to Caravan! Find them listed here! In September, 2012, Mike and I worked together to create these sets of mix-and-matchable boys, girls, and animals. I did most of the illustration […]
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  • How to Do Your Own Laundry

    Live in a home where only one person knows how to do the laundry? Well, you don’t need to! In 2010, I created How to Do Your Own Laundry, a poster that illustrates 10 easy steps of doing the laundry. Just hang this in the laundry room, and encourage members […]

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