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How to Do Your Own Laundry

Live in a home where only one person knows how to do the laundry? Well, you don’t need to! In 2010, I created How to Do Your Own Laundry, a poster that illustrates 10 easy steps of doing the laundry. Just hang this in the laundry room, and encourage members of the household to refer to it when they can’t remember one of these 10 steps!

As are all of our products here at Caravan, this laundry poster is a digital download. This means that you pay $5 once to download the artwork, and then you are able to print the poster as many times as you like! Print it once for your home, and then several more times to give as gifts! The download comes with detailed printing instructions, so if you’re not sure where you would print something like this, don’t worry! It’s deceptively simple! The artwork included in the download is formatted to print at your local print shop, or for best value, I have also included artwork that is formatted to print at a photo lab. My photo lab is able to print the 20 x 20 size for $10.

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Designed by Alma Loveland

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