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Postcards using the Cricut Explore

We are so excited one of our interns, Holly, graduated! I guess we can’t really call her an intern anymore…

In order to graduate she had to complete a senior project. This project was anything she wanted it to be! After filtering through a lot of ideas she came up with these clever postcards. We are so glad she was able to use the Cricut Explore for her project. It really makes the postcards so unique.

We asked her to tell us a little more about her inspiration and background for this project.

“I am absolutely enthralled by lettering. I just think it is so beautiful. Before doing this project I had a small amount of exposure to lettering and knew I wanted my senior project’s focus to be on lettering. With this project I knew I had the opportunity to really improve my own lettering. After proposing a few (pretty out there!) ideas I finally decided on postcards. I have always been a postcard hoarder. When I go on vacation I buy postcards but never actually send them. I hoard and save them for myself as a reminder of that place and that time. Selfish? I like to call it collecting…

My first go was pretty bad. Things were not working and the postcards looked so boring. With the help of my instructor we came up with the idea of making the postcards interactive. I started to come up with concepts that made sense for each location. Each of the 9 postcards I ended up have a little something extra to them.”

Here are a few of the postcards made using the Cricut Explore

Portland Postcard

Anchorage Postcard

Miami Postcard

“I really love the way my project turned out. It was so easy using the Cricut Explore to execute the ideas in my head, I really couldn’t have done it by hand!”

See the whole project here

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