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New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

New Year's Eve Photo Booth
New Year’s Eve is upon us! Whether you’re having an intimate gathering or a large party, a photo booth is a sure way to have some laughs and create some memories. Setting up a photo booth in your home may also be easier and cheaper than you think!

Hanging booth background

Head to the printer’s and print off some large sheets from the Happiest Backgrounds. I used the polka dot print, but there are eight different backgrounds to choose from. I printed two 36 x 48 inch sheets and it was perfect sized for four people and the sheets cost about six dollars each. If you are having a larger party, I recommend printing four 36 x 48 inch sheets. Hang up the sheets on a large wall using tape. If you have a tripod for a camera, use that. If not, a bar stool, table, or anything that you can prop your camera up on will do. Rummage your house for some fun props and you are ready for your party!

happy photos!

Now get to work creating those memories! Use the self-timer on your camera, or take turns taking pictures for each other. Invite your guests to use their own cameras was well! There are some great prints in the New Year Chalk Art set that also make great props for your photo booth. My favorite is the “let’s kiss in the new year” print. So cute for couples!

With signs

May you create many great new memories this New Year’s Eve and have a fantastic start to 2014!

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