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What’s in your Easter basket?


We compiled some of our favorite kids toys to surprise your little ones on Easter morning. We love the idea of filling their baskets with toys that promote creativity, rather than candy (that way you can save the Cadbury eggs for your drawer!)


1. Mixmates | 2. Glow in the dark Ping Pong | 3. Sea Life Squirt Guns

4. Cupcake Lip Gloss | 5. Finger Tentacles | 6. Kids’ Harmonica | 7. Retro Bowling Set

8. Glow in the dark Stars | 9. Rock Bouncy Balls | 10. Girls Socks

Our mixmates pair perfectly, and even fit inside of the adorable Target eggs for the Easter hunt. Just make sure you remember where you hid all of them so the kids are not missing a block of legs! The mixmates come in sets of: Careers, Boys & Girls, Monsters & Superheros, and Animals. Each set teaches problem-solving and fine motor skills to your little ones.




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