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Large Format Printing

Large Format prints

We offer some of our prints as “large format” prints. These prints are easy and inexpensive!

1) Purchase and download artwork.

2) Transfer files onto a jump drive.

3) Bring the jump drive into your local Staples (or call ahead to any other printer in your area to ask if they have a large format black and white printer).

4) Hand over the files to the person at the copy center and tell them you want to print it black and white on their large format printer (they are also called engineering prints.) If you don’t clarify that it is black and white, sometimes they might run it color, which is much more expensive–so be sure to clarify! You can print them out at whatever size you want- but we have sized these to run as 12×16, 24×32, or 36×48- or any size in between. They can really help you size it to whatever size you want!

At the time of writing this, 48 x 36 prints are available at Staples for $6.

The staff may ask you about rights to reproduce this work. Your PDF of instructions includes a copyright release, or you can simply tell the employee that you downloaded this artwork for personal use from, and they can look us up and easily see that you do have the right to print as many copies as you like!

These large prints are BLOW UPS of smaller artwork, so we like to say that they are “perfectly imperfect.” We have chosen artwork that we feel looks good blown up to this large size, but if you look REALLY CLOSE at your printout, you may notice that it looks a little fuzzy. This is normal, and what you should expect from this product that is meant for such low-tech printing. Don’t worry! They look AMAZING.

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