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Spookiest Paper Medallions

Paper Medallions

Paper medallions are fun to add a little extra pizazz and zip. These spooky medallions are easily put together with just a few items you’ll have a hard time only making one.

Print the Spookiest Backgrounds in your favorite pattern on to colored card stock. Just because they can be printed large doesn’t mean they can’t be printed small!

Next trace several circles, in varying sizes, on to the back of your printed card stock. Cut out the circles and layer them with different size cupcake liners. Many grocery stores carry several sizes from jumbo to mini, and in cute colors and patterns too.

Glue or staple the layers together. I like to staple the center of the circles with all layers except for the very top. Then I add a generous dollop of hot glue to make the last little circle stand out.

A few pieces of coordinating ribbon attached to the back take the paper medallion to the next level. Cut little points on the ends of the ribbon for a more polished look.

Then the icing on the cake is the little embellishments you make to your smallest circle. Glitter, or even glitter glue adds a nice touch. My favorite is the tiny googly eyes on the skull and crossbones print. Now that I’m thinking about it, a toy bug glued on to the beetle print would be awesome!

Paper Medallions

Make a bunch and hang them as garland. Add one to a picture in the hallway. Pass them out as awards to your costume party. They are so cute you’ll want to keep them around at least into the second week of November.

Written by Nikki from The Salty Pineapple

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