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Dark and Stormy Halloween Garland

Halloween Garland

The month of October has whirled by but’s it not too late to get some last minute Halloween decorations up! Make your home a festive garland by using the prints from the Dark & Stormy Blocks.


The only materials you will need are the Dark & Stormy Block prints, a hole punch, scissors and some twine.

Making the Garland

To make the garland, cut out the squares from the prints. I love that these prints have a ton of different Halloween pictures on them! On each of your squares, use the hole punch to make holes for the twine to go through. I made my punches on different places on each picture. I thought it would be fun to not have a perfectly lined up garland for Halloween. I love how it came out!


String your pictures along the twine and you’re now ready to hang it! Display your new garland on the wall, over a mantle, or in an entryway. This is a great project to get the kids involved too!

Written by Krista from Lazy Satudays

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