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Monsters “Say Roar” Coloring kit

Coloring pages

Looking for something festive to do with your kids but are out of ideas? The Monsters “Say Roar” Kit comes with adorable black and white monster printables that are begging for your kids to color them.


The kit only costs five dollars and with it you get tons of great monster themed items. Once you download the kit, you can print the black and white pages right from home! No trip to the printer necessary.

Coloring Monsters

Pull out the crayons, markers, and colored pencils and get your kids in on decorating your home for Halloween. Or maybe pull the prints out when you need a few minutes to sneak away and eat some Halloween candy. Either way, your kids will love coloring these!

Coloring Monsters

When your kids are done coloring, you can turn their masterpieces into a festive garland (the kit comes with instructions to do so) or hang them around the home with washi tape.

Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays

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