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Minifolk: How to Video

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Creating these Minifolk is fun and rewarding–these beautiful, unique characters look amazing when assembled. There are 28 characters in our starter set, and thats a whole big crowd of fun! So what do you need to get started? Look over this list of supplies, and watch the videos to get a better idea of how to assemble these minifolk designs!

Supplies Needed

Putting the Minifolk Together

I have included detailed instructions in each Minifolk pack, going over how to cut out the pattern and adhere it to the doll. It is full of tips, best practices, and guides for making your application process smooth, easy, and fun!  I also include detailed instructions on how to add faces–it’s full of lots of tips and ideas! There are over 30 faces to look at, use as inspiration, or even trace right onto the doll(which is a custom step totally up to your personal style & preference!) This DIY minifolk pdf is made for the crafter and non-crafter alike–so that no matter your level of expertise and experience, it’s sure to be a fun craft and perfect gift for your littles!

We have to give a big shout out to Allison Barnes, who helped us with the music to the video above–she wrote this beautiful song- which is available to download here. (And she has to be one of the most talented musicians ever, so we are pinching ourselves that we got to work with her for this little video)

Adding Minifolk Faces On


And a big thank you to Meg Ruth, who shot these videos and these amazing photos.


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