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Minifolk and Smollhouse Foldaway Dollhouse

Today we are thrilled to release two new products in our store!

Meet our Minifolk! Melanie Burk has designed stylish, printable clothing for classic peg dolls so that you can quickly dress up a whole crowd of characters! Simply print the outfits, cut them out, and Mod Podge them to wooden peg dolls (we have formatted these designs to the dolls that are available at All you need to do is take care of the face and hair! (Don’t worry—we’ve included a whole bunch of ideas for you to use in our instructions file!)

Minifolk: Little People Big Style

And if you are excited to welcome the Minifolk into your home, then why not give them a house of their own? Alma Loveland has designed the Smollhouse Foldaway Dollhouse. This printable dollhouse folds up big for playtime and folds up small when it’s time to clean up. Each room can fold up into its own stand-alone section so that children can arrange the house just the way they like it. Play on the floor, on a table, or transform a bookcase into a multi-level dream home!

Smollhouse Foldaway Dollhouse


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