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  • New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

    New Year’s Eve is upon us! Whether you’re having an intimate gathering or a large party, a photo booth is a sure way to have some laughs and create some memories. Setting up a photo booth in your home may also be easier and cheaper than you think! Head to […]
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  • Powdered hot chocolate recipe

    At Christmastime, one of my favorite things to give is a homemade treat neatly packaged in a mason jar. Here is a simple powdered hot chocolate recipe that is great to gift in mason jars. This recipe makes a creamy, sweet cup of hot comfort. It’s mild and delicious! Use […]

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  • Spookiest Paper Medallions

    Paper medallions are fun to add a little extra pizazz and zip. These spooky medallions are easily put together with just a few items you’ll have a hard time only making one. Print the Spookiest Backgrounds in your favorite pattern on to colored card stock. Just because they can be […]

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  • Dark and Stormy Halloween Garland

    The month of October has whirled by but’s it not too late to get some last minute Halloween decorations up! Make your home a festive garland by using the prints from the Dark & Stormy Blocks. The only materials you will need are the Dark & Stormy Block prints, a […]

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  • School Book

    My youngest started preschool this year, and he is on top of the world. Every little scrap and worksheet is a treasure to him. Someone didn’t give him the memo that his mom is a paper purger. Yes, it’s true. I throw everything away, and sometimes to a fault. Collin […]

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  • Monster Sticker Tags

    Q: What’s better than a caramel apple? A: A monster caramel apple! Gather your little ones and enlist their help for an afternoon of making caramel apples and monster sticker tags. Print the monster tags, from the Monster’s “Say Roar” kit, on sticker paper in black and white. Carefully cut […]

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