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School Book

School Book

My youngest started preschool this year, and he is on top of the world. Every little scrap and worksheet is a treasure to him. Someone didn’t give him the memo that his mom is a paper purger. Yes, it’s true. I throw everything away, and sometimes to a fault.

Collin told me about his plans to make all his school papers into a book. The paper purger in me looked the other way, and set out to put this plan into action.

Three ring binder
Sheet protectors
To The Point Printable

Filling up the schoolbook

The two of us carefully used the paper trimmer to fix up the printable for the front cover. Collin carefully wrote his name in the center of the heart. I’ll be honest, it warms my heart to see him write his own name.

We organized his collection of papers and carefully slipped them into sheet protectors. Each day we add to the book, and he sits and flips threw it admiring his work. Having all the art, and worksheets together is a great way for us to go over what he is learning. This is a simple and satisfying project.

Written by Nikki from The Salty Pineapple

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